Security Tips for People Who Live Alone

Security Tips for People Who Live Alone

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Maybe you are the only one who lives, or will you live in your home? If any of these apply to you, perhaps it is time to consider locksmiths and locksmith services.

It’s easy for families to know that their locks need changing after someone leaves. It pained me as I watched my parents replace locks after we moved out – but what happens when there is no one else around? People who live alone can become targets if they do not take care of themselves and their surroundings.

If locks require changing, make sure you check all locks throughout your house: doors and windows! [Include additional locksmith security tips].

Here are some locksmith tips to consider:

  • – Make sure locks are re-keyed when you move in or out of the house.
  • – For people who live alone, it is often advised that they install an alarm system (and keep one key on them at all times) [including locksmith locks services ].
  • – While locks are often still necessary, open windows can also go a long way in security. Make sure to check the locks on your windows as you would with your doors.
  • – if you hide a key in your yard, hide it in a good place that you will not forget and not too obvious.
  • If your lock has a combination number, and you need to share it with other people, change it frequently. 
  • That can be very helpful to secure the house door, and it’s very cheap and easy to install—lock defender.
  • If you have some more security tips, please share them with us!

It may be daunting for people living alone to think about locks and locksmiths, but ask yourself this question: if I was a criminal, would I break into my home? If not, take care of your surroundings!

Locksmith services can range from $75 – $150 on average, depending on the service you need to be done.

You can find locksmiths online or use us!

Locksmith services are often expensive for families who move around, but locksmith services can increase security and thus peace of mind.


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