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All You Need to Know about Home Rekeying a Lock

You may think you have damaged your house locks and they now need replacement. Contrary to popular belief, you can actually request a new home lock rekeying instead of replacement, which can be costly.

What is Home lock rekeying?

If a home lock gets damaged, it can be rekeyed. The locksmith will readjust the lock and makes it function with a new master key. Rekey a lock is not a difficult procedure, especially for skilled locksmiths. It is possible that many locksmiths may not provide you with this option and suggest to change locks on house instead.

How Houston Key Locksmith Perform Home lock rekeying?

A professional locksmith will always offer the option of Rekey a lock rather make you spend extra money on a lock. If you have knowledge about how locks work, you can always ask the locksmith if it is possible for your situation.

For a lock rekey, basic knowledge of the pin-tumbler systems of locks is required. Every expert locksmith should be equipped with it.

The locksmith needs access to the existing key of the lock to start the procedure. The most difficult part of the process is to take the lock out of the door. Afterward, an expert locksmith will not need much time to complete the home lock re-key.

Once the locksmith has access to the cylinder, they can begin the actual process of a lock re-key. The locksmith separate the cylinder from the plug and existing key will used to open the lock. This way it will slide free out of the plug.  Than he pushed the plug out the bible. This will keep the springs and pins in place as the lock re-key begins.

The locksmith will now utilize a key decoder to determine what pins must be used for adjusting the lock. It will provide a chart of the appropriate sized required for the new key pins. The locksmith will find the right pins and put them inside the plug. The right sizes will easily flush against the cylinder.

The locksmith will now proceed to put the lock back together and reinstall into the door it belongs to. A bit of a tricky procedure but locksmiths do it almost every day. In return, you don’t have to change locks on house.

Benefits of a Lock rekey

lock rekey has the following benefits for the client:


When you use different locks on house, you will need time to become accustomed to the latest locks. Re-key a lock  will ensure that you still have access to the same lock you have used for ages. This means you don’t have to waste precious minutes before work each morning to understand how the new locks work.


If you are familiar with the way your house locks work, you will not be at any risk of using them the wrong way. This ensures that your house is secure at all times. Whether you are locking up at night or leaving the house to go somewhere, you will have the peace of mind that each door is locked the right way.

Save Money

Changing house locks will not only require you to browse the market for something similar but may cost you as well. In comparison, a lock re-key will only require you to pay for a new key and the labor of the locksmith. This is much more cost-effective when you prefer the previous two benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Home Lock Rekeying

Can every lock be rekeyed?

You can get a lock re-key if no essential part of the lock has been damaged beyond repair or a new lock is the better option. For this purpose, don’t buy a new lock before asking a locksmith’s opinion. Show your lock to a professional locksmith to determine if a lock re-key is a feasible option for you.

How much time does it take for a lock rekey?

The type of lock can impact the time of a lock re-key. The actual process of a lock re-key does not take much time as compared to removing the lock from the door. However, a professional locksmith takes only a reasonable amount of time because they are quite experienced in handling such situations.

Our Lock Rekey Services

At Houston Key Locksmith we have hired highly skilled and trained locksmiths. They are capable of resolving some of t most complex lock issues. We always offer the client a lock re-keying service if it is possible option.

Our locksmiths will visit your house and evaluate the house lock system. Due to their extensive training, they will only take minutes to determine if a lock rekey can be performed. We equip them with the appropriate tools to perform the process effectively and in as less time as possible.

With our exceptional lock rekey services, you will regain the control of your house locks in no time. Basic rate is market competitive but the complexity of the job may vary the total cost. Call Houston Key Locksmith for best locksmith experience.

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