Is copying a key is illegal?

do not duplicate locksmith key copy

Many of us wanted to go copying a key, and it’s essential to know if that action is a legal one or not. Of course, it makes a lot of sense to think about getting a copy of a key if you own it. But is that a legal thing or not? That depends on a variety of factors. What you need to realize is that the idea of creating a copy isn’t exactly something that sounds legal right from the start.

In the US, it’s not illegal to copy a key. However, it also comes down to where you live. For some people, copying a key is unlawful in their region or country. You can easily do that at many shops all over the country.

It all comes down to your morals and why you want to copy a key. If you need to copy the key for your own home, that’s fine. After all, have a replacement instead of dealing with a situation when you don’t have a spare key and are locked out of your home. a locksmith might still help you, but it’s much better if you have assistance and support right from the start. Once you do that properly, you will be very impressed with how exciting and rewarding the results are. So yes, it’s all a matter of morals more than anything else.

That’s why you will find all kinds of duplication notices in various shops that duplicate keys. If you are copying it for unlawful purposes like stealing, then that’s on you. They are doing the job you are asking for, so the company itself is not liable. You are required to duplicate keys only for your own home. And yes, it’s more than welcome to have a duplicate key if you lose the one for your vehicle, for example. Just try to keep that in mind, as it might help you more than you imagine. You will appreciate the results and the process itself, that’s for sure.

Technically, creating a duplicate is not a problem. It’s a task that you can do with the right tools, and that’s about it. It all comes down to whether this is the moral thing to do or not. Most of the time, you have to realize that copying a key is not ethical, especially if it’s not yours. Yes, if you create a duplicate for yourself, that’s fine. But if you’re not doing that, you must figure out the situation and adapt accordingly. If you know what to do and how to manage everything correctly, nothing can stand in your way.

We recommend you only duplicate a key that you own. And even then, don’t create too many duplicates. Having too many keys can become a safety hazard, one that it’s better to avoid as much as you can. Once you do that, things will be a lot better! So now you know if copying the key is illegal or not.


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