5 Common Reasons for a Broken Lock

do u have a broken lock, in your home, that refuse to close or open? why does it happens and what should you do with that? broken lock, At some point in our lives, we all have had. A door lock is a solid piece of equipment but with daily wear and tear, the lock can get defective. So, in the horrible probability of getting locked out of your home, it is important to get it fixed as soon as possible. It would be much better, though, to gauge the deteriorating condition of your failing door lock latch before. Lock repair is an issue that should never be neglected. Here are some potential problems that you should be watchful of before getting a lock replace.

1. Weather Stripping as a Cause of Faulty Lock

Deadbolt lock repair

Weather stripping is one of the most common reasons for a malfunctioning door lock latch or a broken lock. It can cause misalignment of the lock and prevent it from working properly. Weather stripping causes erosion of the exterior paint. The resulting decay causes the door lock latch to get destroyed from the inside. In such instances, rectify the problem by installing a new weather stripping. Installing a new vinyl-stripping may seem like a huge hassle, so you can also insert the stripping further on the door frame.

2. The Lock is Not Budging

If you put the key in the lock and it doesn’t seem to be turning, the lock may have seized up. Common causes of seizing include the accumulation of dirt and grime. A small do-it-yourself approach for lock repair would be to insert a damp cotton swab in the keyhole and get the dirt attracted to the q-tip. After cleaning it, lubricate the lock using either a silicone spray or a graphite one. Using oils for this purpose is not recommended as oil doesn’t come in the form of a directional spray. Oils can also get in other parts where it is not required which could further damage the working condition of the door lock latch.

3. The Door Lock Latch Doesn’t Click Into Proper Alignment

When the door lock doesn’t latch or click in the right plane with the door, it means the lock and strike plate are not in the correct order. The bolt may not be positioned in the correct order. Sometimes, due to fluctuating temperatures, the lock may have expanded or contracted. For better lock Servicing solutions, try one of the options below

  • File a slot in the strike plate so that it’s easier for the strike plate to receive the latch. Enlarge the opening by filing in the inside edges of the opening.
  • Re position the strike plate by unscrewing it. Then, test if the door lock functions properly.

4. Door Lock Has Frozen

In flaky weathers, exterior locks can freeze, interior locks get filthy, and internal parts may become defected and wear out. In these instances, it is convenient to think of getting a lock replace. However, before you get a lock replace, try the below quick remedies to see if you can salvage your lock system.

  • Put a directional spray of graphite into the keyhole to see if the lock gives way. After spraying it, or squeezing it onto the key-hole surface, operate the lock a few times to see if it has started working.
  • There are also many lock de-icers on the market that contain alcohol and other solutions for dissolving any grimy and gummy deposits.
  • In icy weathers, you can also try to thaw the lock by inserting a heated key into the keyhole. Warm the key, which should be dry, and insert into the keyhole for lock repair.
  • The last resort is to see if you are dealing with a broken lock. Disassemble the lock and eye it for any broken or jammed pieces. If you find that you can set it right after then go ahead and do that.

5. The Lock Bolt is Not Operating

Mortise lock repair

When you put the key into the keyhole and it turns but the lock bolt seems to be faulty, then the mechanism is faulty. In such cases, the lock must be removed for any missing or worn out parts. If you can’t figure out the problem easily, then a lock replace can be considered.

A door lock can end up being defective for a number of reasons. In order to avoid any ugly situation, it is imperative that you fix the situation as fast as you can. There are many unpleasant happenings that can occur as a result of a failing lock system.

Why Neglecting Lock Repair Is a Terrible Idea!

When your door lock is no longer functioning to its full potential, then it’s good foresight to replace it. It is very easy to figure out if your lock is not working since you use it every day. No matter what the reason for your broken lock is, it is vital that you get the problem fixed. If you can’t get it fixed, then make sure to call a locksmith for their services.

Having a broken lock system can seriously impact your security. A broken lock can make you vulnerable to threats. Door locks and security are synonymous with each other, and you should keep in mind that a faulted lock system can put you in a very dangerous position.

Now that we are talking about the issue of security, a more deadly consequence of this negligence could be a burglary attempt. Avoiding the issue of a broken lock can put you, your family and your belongings in a state of danger. The issue could have been avoided initially by installing a system of lock repair.

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