How locks and keys work?

a key inside the cylinder gold lock

locks and keys in general

Did you ever wonder how locks and keys work? And when we put a matching key inside the lock,how practically the cylinder turn?

seems like locks have been around for thousands of years. Probably as long as there have been valuables that people wanted to protect. locks, above all in some form, have been there to keep things secure.

You probably come across all sorts of locks every day. From combination locks on school lockers to deadbolt locks on front doors, locks are all around us.

Today there are many different kinds of locks. Some are very simple locks that open with a key or a combination of numbers. Others are extremely complicated locks that open with fingerprints or special electronic key cards. Today’s locks have many different types of mechanical and technological systems to increase security..

the most common lock is is the pin-and-tumbler lock. we can found in every residential house, business commercial, automotive etc… .

as an expert locksmith in great Houston i see a lot of those guys.

Pin-and-tumbler locks are require a key to unlock them. Basic pin-and-tumbler locks have several spring-loaded pins inside a series of small cylinders.

When the matching key slides into a pin-and-tumbler lock, the pointed teeth and notches on the blade of the key allow the spring-loaded pins to move up and down until they line up with a track called the shear line. When the pins align with the shear line, the cylinder can turn and the lock will open. and that how locks and keys work.

If you don’t have the right key, one or more of the pins will remain in the way of the shear line. This will prevent the cylinder from turning and the lock will remain closed.

that is what HAPPENS inside the lock

lock cylinder from inside, 5 springs at the top, after that 5 upper pins in black and than, 5 bottom pins in gold

cylinder lock from inside. there are 5 springs at the top, after that 5 upper pins(black and same height) and than, 5 bottom pins(gold and have different height that depends on the matching key cuts).

key inside the lock cylinder that make the straight line "shear line"

key inside the cylinder that push the gold bottom pins up making it a straight line between all the bottom pins(gold) and the upper pins(black)

a key turn the cylinder lock

since we have a straight line between the pins, the cylinder now can turn.

BTW when a locksmith re-key the lock, the bottom gold pins are the only ones that changes. if you understand way, you understand the purpose of this topic.

finely, if you ever wonder how locks and keys work? And when we put a matching key inside the lock,how practically the cylinder turn? now you know ๐Ÿ™‚

feel free to pin or share or comment about the topic. i am pretty new in blogging thing, so any comment -bad or good will be awesome. i am also looking to wright on other interesting stuff about locksmith field. if you have ideas, wright it below ๐Ÿ™‚

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