can I still use my broken car keys?

2 Honda remote key heads after I broke my Honda car key, replacing the shell so Can still use my key

its seems that a lot of people think that if there car key broke, they can’t use it anymore.

that is a wrong assumption.

for me, as an experience automotive locksmith i get a lot of calls for from costumers that there car key was broke.

that happens to 3 very common key-head remote keys types: 

  • GM

We will star with the most common: Honda key with there patent pending key.

they have a laser key unique shape only for Honda. Honda is a good brand but there key shape is very problematic(i should sending a check to Honda every 2 weeks since that happens a lot of costumer and bring me more job 🙂

2 major problems when my car key broke

  • very common  thing is that the key blade is broke from the actual fob remote.

temporary solution

temporary solution: if its happens too you, the best trick to make it work is to hold the blade key next to the fob together and put the blade into the ignition.

than turn the key to the on position.even though, the key blade not attach to the fob, still, the key can still start the key.

the immobilizer can read the chip inside the fob and the green light security will go off.

question: if my key blade key completely  broke  around the middle and not just dis-attach from the fob can i still do it

answer: NO! in that case you should call a locksmith! anything you do just going to make it worse. that a solution that practically can work, but its not the most convenience way.

permanent solution for broke my car keys

permenent solution: if you want a permenent solution you want to buy a remote keyhead shell of this key.

ebay is a good place to buy it.

but other places selling it as well. cost around 2$-5$

pro tip:

  • make sure its has the same amount of battens like your original key.
  •   if your orignial broken key is OEM( original key with H Honda brand in the back) make sure, buy the shell with Honda as well to make sure it will fit to your original fob
  • better to buy 2 incase 1st key will not cut properlly

after that what you want to do is go to your local locksmith store with the broken key blade and the new shell and tell him to cut the shell same as the old key blade. make sure the the shell key head that been cut can put into the ignition smoothly and switch. estimate cost around 35$-60$

remote key head shell next to a blade broken blade after I broke my car key so fixing it to still use it
I broke my car key. Can i still use my key?

last part.

put the old fob into the shell close it with the back cover and close it with a screw that most likely you have(that super important to close it with a screw, if not that can break again)

and walla…. you have a new key in around 50-60$.

congratulation you just save a 100$-250$

last but not list

2nd common thing that happens in Honda key is :

  • because of the shape  of the key, the wafers(pins inside the ignition)can be damage causing the car key not turn. 

solution: probably best thing to do is to call for a locksmith company such as Houston Key Locksmith.

he will pull out the ignition, remove the bad wafers and put it can also fix it yourself but its not easy task.

for that scenario you cant do much most likely since its advanced problem solution.

fell free to comment 🙂

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