In 100 years from now, will people use keys ?

man in middle of big keys hole viewing the future 100 years from now

will people use keys in 100 years from now or technology will take over, like other objects in our life ???

We all take keys for granted nowadays, they are the best way to access our items and keep our homes safe. But the reality is that technology is changing all the time, and there are quite a lot of keyless systems already on the market. If you have a lock or key related issue, you just call the locksmith services Houston, TX at this time. But you have to wonder, how will people use keys in 100 years from now. Will we actually need keys or not?

As you can imagine, no one really knows what can happen in 100 years, especially when it comes to technology. Just think about it, we barely have around 13-14 years since smartphones have been around and they completely changed our lives. The reality is that technology is changing at a very rapid pace.

That goes to the point where we will have some really different things to plan and in the end that can be extremely challenging. It’s important to understand the process and actively find ways to make life better and more impressive.

Which is why we believe that at one point keys will become obsolete. However, it might take more than 50-100 years to make that happen. And it all comes down to pricing. Right now you will notice that keyless systems require a complete hardware change and they are not that cheap either.

If people will be able to afford replacing key systems with a dedicated keyless entry system, then we will see less keys.

But let’s face it, keys are not going anywhere. The problem with keyless entry systems is that they are hackable very easily. And while a regular key can be duplicated, accessing the primary key can be a problem. Keyless systems tend to be online and those can he hacked from afar. So until the safety issues and concerns will be removed, using keys is still the best way to keep any property or items safe.

Of course, in 100 years maybe new key replacements will appear. That’s very hard to figure out to be honest, because all these things evolve at a rather rapid pace, so you have to assess the situation and see how things will eventually change.

When it comes to technology, it can be hard to figure out what you can expect in a few years. While the lock world didn’t really receive lots of updates, the reality is that keyless systems are indeed becoming more and more common. We can expect them to become the norm in a few years. But until that happens, we will most likely continue using keys.

And that’s why we believe that keys will not go anywhere even in 100 years.

Regardless of what technologies will try to replace them, keys are still the best method we can use to protect our items. They are safe, it’s hard to pick locks, and you have something in your hands that you know is hard to fake. Technology can be hacked, keys less so!

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