Locksmith trend that I noticed recently

hand holding 2 car keys cut and program

Locksmith trend that I noticed recently

I want to share my thoughts on a Locksmith trend that I recently noticed that has become more and more frequent. People tow, random or not random, cars and call the locksmith to come and make them a key for starting the vehicle.

The process goes like that:

people call me to ask for a car key(i am a locksmith for eight years); when I ask who the owner is, they kind of double

answer/talk with me and no clear answer. That alert number 1( sometimes owner don’t know English well or one of his family or friends helping him and that’s the ok scenario)

After that, they ask the locksmith to go there without any other person next to the car( alert number 2). Of course, I cannot make a key or even open a car without an owner will be there and his permission.

It also doesn’t make sense if someone needs a key for his car and doesn’t have time to meet a locksmith or send someone on his behalf. Sometimes he will say that he comes and then excuses not to show up. Of course, I will walk away without doing anything in a case like that. If my suspicion is extreme, I will notify the police. That happened to me five times this month, and it seems that it just becomes more and more often.

In conclusion

I don’t know if they were doing that by random cars or have some inside info: owner on vacation or something like that. I know that, more than ever, it is essential to secure your vehicle. A GPS can be a good solution(some of them do not work if a car is not driving), security cameras, and hopefully, other honest locksmiths, like me ;), that verify the information and not just come for money.

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