BMW Car Key Service 

We are a trusted local automotive locksmith company that knows how to deal with BMW keys. With the right advanced equipment and experienced high-end technicians, we know how to get the job done and make and program BMW car keys.

The manufacturing of BMW cars started after 1995 when the anti-theft system was invented. BMW car keys vehicles because the car’s engine doesn’t turn on unless the immobilizer control unit recognizes the programmed transponder BMW key. The transponder chip is an anti-theft precaution. It is designed to protect your BMW cars from being started through a mechanical copy of the key. That’s why losing the keys to your BMW car is known as a hassle.

The question is how to build a replacement key if you have lost your BMW car key? The first thing any BMW owner would do is look for the key. What if you have looked everywhere and failed to find it? In a situation like that in Houston Key Locksmith can help with its top-notch auto locksmith services.

Who are we?

We are car locksmith professionals. Give us a call, and we will create a brand new set of BMW car keys within an hour if you were away from home when you lost the keys, no need to tow your car to the dealer. 

Give us the make, model, and year of your BMW vehicle. Our car locksmiths will know what to create. In BMW, keys need to be programmed and coded.BMW is a European carmaker that needs to program the key and program the car’s computer (ECU). Make it more expensive than a regular car key.

If you have locked your keys inside the car and need to unlock your BMW, our auto locksmith can most definitely help you.

We will come with all the right tools and expertise to perform the key replacement much more affordable, professional, and convenient from the dealer or any other locksmith company. Give us a call, or another way to contact us is with the get estimate form.