Honda / Acura car Key service

You will be happy to hear from our automotive locksmith that you don’t need to go to the dealer to get a new Acura or Honda key. Our professionals have the knowledge, skills, and keys for your car key replacement. It takes 20 minutes on average to create a Honda key replacement. Sometimes, this could vary depending on the things required to make the key. And if decoding or removing the broken key is involved.

Common Honda/Acura keys

Very common in Honda keys are: the remote key head(as shown in the picture above) is broke very quickly, and 2nd problem that happens often is the key will NOT turn in the ignition. Those two problems are factory Honda problems, and the reason it happened is because of the shape of the Honda key and ignition.

The solution 

The solution for 1st problem is: we will replace the remote key head and cut and program it. For the 2nd problem, we will remove the ignition, remove the bad wafers, put everything back, and boom- problem solved. You don’t need to worry since we can help you with that in both scenarios! Some people will go to dealers to change everything, but that will be very expensive and inconvenient.


Acura is the luxury division of Honda. It was launched in the United States and Canada in 1986, giving the world a high-performance vehicle. Acura is also the first Japanese automotive brand of luxury cars.

If your Acura / Honda key is electronic, you must agree to replace it is a hassle. You have no option but to get in touch with an auto locksmith and order a replacement. Are you thinking of whom to call in Houston to handle your Honda key replacement task? Houston Key Locksmith is here to help.

Sometimes, it’s not the key you need to call the auto locksmith; it’s remote; you will know this when the key is acceptable, but it’s not unlocking or locking the car. The key will not turn at different times, and most likely an ignition problem. When you are not sure what’s wrong, we don’t recommend implementing a solution on your own.

Time is of the essence 

We do all types of keys: transponder, remote, and smart keys in no time. It typically takes about 15-30 min to make a key. Let the professionals do the job. Our certified locksmiths have received special training, and they know what they are doing. Call us for an appointment, and we will reach your place to save the day.

Way cheaper than the dealer 

We will come with all the right tools and expertise to perform the key replacement much more affordable, professional, and convenient from the dealer or any other locksmith company. Give us a call, or another way to contact us is with the get estimate form.